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Draw Your Future

How often your mind dwells  on problems more so than possibilities?

What we focus on expands..

Think about it. Your brain is the most complex organ ever created. It has ability to scan through millions of images and pieces of information constantly.

It filters out 99% of that information using an amazing algorithm that understands the picture you want to visualize.

It may sound paradoxical but constant focus and visualization involving your life problems tend to bring more of the same. On the other hand, if you think of possibilities that exist more so than problems — or hurdles that are along the way– possibilities turn into reality.

I have experienced that time and again in my own life.

You have power to choose problems or possibilities.

Have you experienced inner war between your active negative self-talk that has stopped you from taking action?

May be that you wanted to change your profession from an artist to a programmer but your inner narrator threw million reasons to make you think otherwise. I am sure we can all relate to this in our lives.

Left brain is logical but often it is the one stopping you from achieving your dreams. Right brain is creative. It thrives on drawing the future you want to have.

Draw the future you want to live and act every singly day to make it a reality.

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  1. David
    January 18th, 2016 at 02:46 | #1

    Nice clip, Shilpan
    I’ve done visualization exercises somewhat like this but this one is simpler. And an interesting way of bringing out what we may have been screening out.

    • Shilpan
      January 18th, 2016 at 03:55 | #2

      Thanks David. I teach visual analytics so I know power of using visual tools to convey meaningful business insight.

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