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Timeless Wisdom: Quotes that Can Change Your Life

timeless wisdomI just published my first Kindle book. Amazon has not only revolutionized our online buying experience but also entire publishing industry. You don’t need a publisher to write a book anymore.

That said, mini books are becoming popular as you can read books in small bites and improve your knowledge constantly.

Timeless wisdom from legends of the past still exists in their inspirational quotes. I cherish that wisdom and try to understand how these quotes can help us live a simple, purpose driven life.

Warren Buffett is known as Oracle of Omaha for a reason. He has amassed wealth that we can only dream of. Yet, he lives a simple life. He teaches us that happiness is a byproduct of work that you enjoy doing.

If I have to think of a role model to prove the fallacy of IQ when it comes to human achievement, Forrest Gump leads the pack. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor, became the world ping-pong champion, got President Nixon impeached, built a national shrimping empire — made a fortune with his investment in Apple Computers, and, last but not least, taught Elvis how to dance!

Wisdom from inspirational quotes fills your mind with positivity and positive mind is essential for your happiness and success.

We think of our health daily as healthy life is essential for our survival and growth; yet we seldom think how critical role our mind plays for our health and success.

A recent research paper published online in September 2013 in a journal of the American Heart Association shows that even for people dealing with heart disease — the number one killer of adults in this country — a positive outlook means living longer and stronger, or as we say, living younger.

My humble effort in this book is to offer inspiration and advice drawn from the greatest minds, all with an eye towards what you and I can learn so we can make our own success story.

This book is not to preach you my way of thinking or lecture you on how to improve your life; it is about timeless wisdom that can help you fight worst adversities in your life; it is about the best advice you can get from the smartest minds.

We create our own reality and we have greatest gift as a human-being to choose our actions. Our actions define our destiny. I read these inspirational quotes to help me create a reality between my two ears so that I can choose wisely. I hope that you will too!

You can download book for free until December 31st so enjoy your holidays with soup of inspiration from great minds!

P.S. Please write a review if you like the book! I appreciate the favor.

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  1. David
    December 30th, 2015 at 22:09 | #1

    Good to hear your “voice” again, Shilpan. And thanks for the offer. That’s a large book and a lot of work. Look forward to exploring it more.

    • Shilpan
      January 4th, 2016 at 02:12 | #2

      Hi David,

      It is such a pleasure to hear back from you my friend. Happy 2016! I would love to read your review on Amazon. I certainly want to get back in the grove and start writing more on personal growth.

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